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Death Valley 2016 - A Superbloom

It's probably not often that you get to clock out from your 40th hour at work and then hop into a car and drive almost 3,000 miles roundtrip to go see some wildflowers.  But when that sort of thing does happen, it's incredible and you feel both alive and dead on the inside.   If you ever want to test your friends, put them in a small car with very little food and sleep and send them on a road trip.  If you all end up pitching a tent in a parking garage in the middle of nowhere at 3 in the fucking morning - ya'll gonna be alright.

This started when a coworker posted some viral link about how the Death Valley only has this "Super Bloom" once every decade or so...where countless flowers emerge from the most inhabitable place in the US of A (America).  Two days after reading about the Super Bloom, Sarah, Luke and I got into Sarah's 2 door civic and hit the road - with no more preparation than some snacks (Luke's rotisserie chicken in a jar was by far the most creative and useful).  We even hit up some ghost towns on the way to Death Valley - the scariest part of the ghost towns were the "Vote for Trump" banners.

Everything was going as planned (well, unplanned) and then we hit 2 blizzards on the way back. Which resulted in us missing our chance to dip in Travertine hot springs.  The silver lining (for me, anyway) was more photo ops!  Driving through Yosemite was a WIN.

The photojournalist inside me said, "PACK ALL OF THE CAMERAS!"  A friend of mine said, "You only need 4!"  I obliged and brought 4 cameras:

Polaroid Land 210 (Peel Apart Polaroid)

Canon T50 (35mm)

Canon 5D Mark II (Digital)

Bronica Zensa (Medium format)

Enough of this rambling, here's some imagery:


Jayne Liu